How Temporary Car Insurance Saved Our Vacation

A group of friends and I planned all year for a vacation in Aberdeenshire Scotland for skiing at the Glenshire ski resort. It was a two day drive from where we lived and we wanted to save time by taking turns at the wheel in order to arrive in plenty of time for our reservation and to get settled in to our rooms for a good nightís sleep before hitting the slopes. As our vacation date fast approached we grew excited and wanted to go over the details of our plan. One friend mentioned that since we were taking turns driving we would need insurance to cover all the drivers.

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I contacted my regular insurance company and the rates for temporary cover for my friends seemed a bit pricey. So I did some research online and found out there are insurance companies that specialize in temporary insurance for one to up to twenty-eight days based on daily rates. I called around to a few of these companies and went with the agent that seemed most knowledgeable about the insurance business and who had the most competitive rates.

With all the companies I checked around with, the rates were all lower than my regular insurance company for temporary insurance. Plus they offered the same choices that my insurance company offered. I could have gotten third party, comprehensive or third party with fire and theft cover.

Because we would be driving in hazardous weather conditions that might call for emergency road side assistance, I opted for the comprehensive cover. This would also cover damage to my vehicle as well as damage to other vehicles if I were to be found at fault for an accident.

The day for our vacation came and we started out on our journey towards the mountains with much anticipation and lightheartedness. We were singing to our favorite hits on the radio, talking about our boyfriends, professors we didnít like and various other topics that took us for hours and long miles as the sun was fading beyond the horizon. A light snow was falling all day but we did not encounter any difficulties on the road. Two of our friends were sleeping for the night shift.

We stop to fill the tank with gas and switch drivers and as we started out again noticed that the snow was starting to come down swiftly in large, heavy flakes and the temperature was dropping very quickly. It was my friendís turn to drive and I was nervous and not looking forward to letting someone else take the wheel in these conditions.

It was dark soon and as my friend was cautiously cruising without trying to annoy other drivers or my fellow travel mates the wheels hit a patch of ice and the car started to spin. The car did a complete 360 and ended up in a ditch off the side of the road. We had to call emergency assistance that came with our cover and they were with us and had us back on the road within an hour and a half. We made our reservation on time and enjoyed an extended weekend on the slopes.